Tyler Duncan Named IBL Most Valuable Player

The Intercounty Baseball League on Monday announced that Tyler Duncan of the Hamilton Cardinals has been named IBL Most Valuable Player and the recipient of the John Bell Memorial Trophy.

The John Bell Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team. The winner is selected by the IBL Board of Governors at the end of the regular season. John Bell was a Listowel native who was largely responsible for Stratford's return to their Intercounty Baseball league in 1964.

Raul Gonzalez of Kitchener finished second, followed by Toronto's Jonathan Solazzo.

Tyler Duncan recorded a .355 average with 6 doubles, 5 triples, league-leading 16 home runs, and 51 RBI while starting in all 42 regular season games. 

IBL MVP Winners
2023 Tyler Duncan, Hamilton Cardinals
2022 Claudio Custodio, Guelph Royals
2021 Garrett Takamatsu, Toronto Maple Leafs
2019 Jordan Castaldo, Barrie
2018 Justin Marra, Toronto
2017 Sean Reilly, Kitchener
2016 Tanner Nivins, Kitchener
2015 Sean Reilly, Kitchener
2014 Jordan Castaldo, Barrie
2013 Sean Reilly, Toronto
2012 Frank Hare, Guelph
2011 Sean Reilly, Barrie
2010 Ryan Spataro, Barrie
2009 Jamie Pogue, Guelph
2008 Frank Hare, Guelph
2007 Jeff Pietraszko, Kitchener
2006 Jordan Lundberg, Barrie
2005 Ryan Spataro, Barrie
2004 Rich Butler, Toronto
2003 Paul Spoljaric, Toronto
2002 Luke Baker, Kitchener
2001 Rob Butler, Toronto
2000 Randy Curran, Kitchener
1999 Jeff Pietraszko, Kitchener
1998 Randy Curran, Kitchener
1997 Rob Patterson, Toronto
1996 Dominic Campeau, Toronto
1995 Erik Laseke, Guelph,
1995 Jason Rausch, Kitchener,
1995 and Mark Fraser, Stratford
1994 Erik Laseke, Guelph
1993 Erik Laseke, Guelph and
1993 Randy Curran, Kitchener
1992 Rick Johnston, Toronto
1991 Scott Gardiner, Toronto
1990 Rick Johnston, Toronto
1989 Bill Byckowski, Toronto
1988 Barry Petrachenko, Stratford
1987 Darrell Kemp, Niagara Falls
1986 Kevin Aitcheson, Stratford
1985 Bill Byckowski, Toronto
1984 Rob Froese, Kitchener
1983 Mike Yearout, Kitchener
1982 Gary Borg, Cambridge
1981 Phil Turner, St. Thomas
1980 Bill Martin, Kitchener
1979 Brian Walters, Toronto
1978 Jeff Jens, Stratford
1977 Kevin Higgins, Stratford
1976 Denis Flanagan, Stratford
1975 Mike Kilkenny, London
1974 Jim Ridley, Stratford
1973 Bob McKillop, Kitchener
1972 Alf Payne, Toronto
1971 Bob McKillop, Kitchener
1970 Tom McKenzie, Kitchener
1969 Bob McKillop, Kitchener
1968 Bob McKillop, Kitchener
1967 Ron Stead, Guelph
1966 Al Greenberg, London
1965 Ron Stead, Brantford
1964 Rolf Scheel, London
1963 Ron Stead, Brantford
1962 John Poholsky, Guelph
1961 Wallace “Spud” Bush, Brantford
1960 Ron Stead, Brantford
1959 Stan Anderson, London
1958 Johnny Ambrose, St. Thomas
1951 Wilmer Fields, Brantford
1950 Alex Kvasnak, Waterloo
1949 Tommy White, London
1948 John Bain, Kitchener
1947 Bob Schnurr, Kitchener
1937 George Miskimmons, Stratford
1936 Frank Colman, London
1935 Bruno Pollock, St. Thomas
1934 Alfred White, London
1933 Leo Doan, St. Thomas
1932 James “Lefty” Hill, K-W
1931 Wilbur Kress, Galt
1930 Gordon Bradshaw, Galt
1929 Johnny Jones, Guelph
1928 Jim O’Connor, Guelph
1927    Harold Lynch, Galt