Intercounty Baseball League Announces All-Star Showdown Rosters

Intercounty Baseball League Announces All-Star Showdown Rosters

The anticipation is building as the Intercounty Baseball League proudly announces the rosters for the upcoming All-Star Showdown. This year’s selections have been determined through a combination of fan and media votes, ensuring that the most deserving players take the field for this year’s All-Star Showdown at Welland Stadium on Saturday, July 20.

North Team Starters:

•  Catcher: Hayden Jaco, BARRIE

•  First Base: Jordan Castaldo, TORONTO

•  Second Base: Brando Leroux, GUELPH

•  Shortstop: Tyler Duncan, HAMILTON

•  Third Base: Johnathan Solazzo, TORONTO

•  Outfielders: Josh Garton, GUELPH; JD Williams, GUELPH; Canice Ejoh, BARRIE

•  Designated Hitter: Garrett Takamatsu, GUELPH

•  Pitcher: Cesar Rosado, BARRIE

North Team Bench:

•  Catchers: Luis Bernardo, HAMILTON

•  Infielders: Raul Gonzalez, KITCHENER; Malik Williams, BARRIE

•  DH/Outfielders: Noel McGarry-Doyle, BARRIE; Ryan Dos Santos, TORONTO; Dennis Dei Baning, HAMILTON; Jett Jarvis, KITCHENER

•  Pitchers: Frank Garces, BARRIE; Jacob Kush, GUELPH; Takaki Eguchi, HAMILTON; Hector Yan, GUELPH; Pedro De Los Santos, KITCHENER; Juan Benítez, BARRIE; Yuki Narita, GUELPH; Mizuki Akatsuka, HAMILTON

South Team Starters:

•  Catcher: Robert Mullen, WELLAND

•  First Base: Steven Moretto, WELLAND

•  Second Base: Dawson Tweet, WELLAND

•  Shortstop: Gus Wilson, BRANTFORD

•  Third Base: Robert Mackie, CHATHAM-KENT

•  Outfielders: Matteo Porcellato, WELLAND; Spencer Marcus, CHATHAM-KENT; Starling Joseph, LONDON

•  Designated Hitter: Kaiden Cardoso, LONDON

•  Pitcher: Travis Keys, LONDON

South Team Bench:

•  Catchers: Eduardo De Oleo, LONDON

•  First Base/DH: Seth Strong, CHATHAM-KENT

•  Infielders: Victor Plaz, LONDON; Tyler Dupuis, WELLAND

•  Outfielders: Gianfranco Morello, WELLAND; Andrew Lawrence, LONDON

•  C/DH: Mitsuki Fukuda, CHATHAM-KENT

•  Pitchers: Deivy Mendez, WELLAND; Ben Abram, WELLAND; Victor Payano, LONDON; Aden Ryan, CHATHAM-KENT; Braeden Ferrington, LONDON; Brandon Underhill, WELLAND; Jeremias Sucre, BRANTFORD; Josh Laukkanen, BRANTFORD

In addition to the selected players, fans will have one final opportunity to influence the rosters with a FINAL PLAYER vote for each team. Each team will have a nominee for the final vote. The selected nominees will then be voted on by fans via an online poll, adding an extra layer of engagement and excitement to the selection process.

This year’s All-Star Showdown promises to be an event to remember, offering players a chance to shine and fans an opportunity to witness top-tier talent. There will be Home Run Derby in the afternoon prior to the Showdown and fireworks post-game, in addition to some special surprises. Stay tuned for more details and get ready to support your favourite players at the All-Star Showdown!

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The Intercounty Baseball League (IBL) is the top-level baseball league in Canada, boasting ex-major league professionals and elite NCAA college baseball players. The 2023 season marked the IBL’s 105th year in operation. The IBL is one of the longest continuously operated baseball leagues in the world and serves as a valuable training ground for coaches, umpires, and front office staff. More than 40 IBL players have advanced to Major League Baseball or returned to the IBL following their MLB careers. The league is comprised of teams from Barrie, Brantford, Chatham-Kent, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Toronto, and Welland. For more information, visit or @ibl1919 on Instagram and Twitter.