Baseball trophy missing for 63 years now to be displayed publicly

CTV London 

An Intercounty Baseball League trophy has re-surfaced after not being seen for 63 years.

The championship trophy, used by the IBL from 1920-1956, has now been donated to the London Majors' Alumni Association.

Sandy Wagter, a niece of Canadian Baseball Hall-of-Famer Frank Colman and daughter of Jack Colman, who were co-owners of the Majors from 1956 to 1960, donated the trophy to the association earlier this month.

"In '56 they won that trophy, and (my father) stored a bunch of stuff, and it stayed there (in her mother's basement) until 1990. It kind of just got forgotten there," Wagter says.

She says she took the 100-year-old trophy because she's interested in baseball history.

She worked in the small concession booth near the clubhouse when her father and uncle had the team. She was also a pitcher in one of the ladies' city leagues.

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